Lice Information

This is the letter distributed to all LTISD students at the start of the year. 

This  is a great fact sheet put out by the National Association of School Nurses.
Please note that classroom or school wide checks have not been found to be effective in lice management and the practice is not supported by the APA or the CDC.  LTISD policy supports this philosophy.  LTISD lice policy states that children may finish the day in class if lice is found, but may not return until treatment has been done at home.   There will be a grade wide notification if there are two cases reported in the same grade within a two week period.  Since many cases are discovered at home, I rely on parents to report the cases so that I can make proper notifications.  Please let me know if you have discovered lice on your child, your child's privacy will be maintained at all times. 
I have been researching and I have found a nontoxic lice solution that is based on a study published by the APA.  Here is the link to the study.  Follow this address to step by step instructions. 
The most important things to remember is whatever treatment you use, follow the instructions EXACTLY as recommended.  Wash towels and bedclothes following treatment so that there is less risk of reinfestation.   A comb out or topical treatment alone is not likely to be enough to rid your child of lice.  To have the most success, using a combination of combing with a metal nit comb and a topical treatment (homeopathic or over the counter) is recommended.  Keep checking your child's head every few days for the next month, if the first treatment didn't get all of the nits, a repeat treatment may be necessary.  If you are using a homeopathic method for getting rid of lice, it is reccomended to treat once a week (washing bedclothes and towels each time as well) for 3 weeks in order to break the life cycle of the lice.