Don't know a vocabulary word?
Then find it's meaning at Fossweb Science Stories Vocabulary Site.
Learn about medieval levers at Wonderville.

Identify simple machines such as the lever,  pulley, and wedge.

Learn what is a simple machine.
Learn about Forces in Motion at BBC. and take the quiz, too.

Learn how Friction affects objects in motion at BBC.
Friction in Action. Read it and take the quiz, too.
Learn about gears and other simple machines
Engineering Javi.
See how simple machines can be combined
to do work using
the Compound Machine.

Help Twitch repair his robot using Simple Machines.

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine online.

Become a BBC Pyramid Builder. 

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was an artist AND a SCIENTIST!
Learn how he used simple machines in his inventions
Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery.

Use levers, loads, inclined planes, and forces
like gravity to
simulate roller coasters online.