School Attendance Zones

  • In accordance with LTISD Board Policy FD (Local), “for purposes of establishing residency within the District, the foundation of the domicile in which the student resides must be located completely within District boundaries.”

    A child may attend the LTISD school within the attendance zone associated with his/her residence.   However, according to LTISD Board policy FDA Local, “a student who is not currently a resident student may be permitted to enroll if the student’s parent or legal guardian: 1.) is in the process of building a domicile within the District in which the foundation has been laid at the time of enrollment and the domicile is reasonably expected to be completed before the end of the school year; or 2.) will move into a leased or rented domicile within the District within 30 calendar days following the student’s enrollment.”

    There are two views of the new elementary and middle school attendance zone boundaries: Overview includes a snapshot of the entire District, while Detail provides the opportunity to enlarge the map for street detail.

    For questions or concerns regarding attendance zones boundaries, please contact the LTISD Deputy Superintendent’s Office at (512) 533-6020, or via email at