Mission & Goals

  • The mission of the Lake Travis Independent School District is to educate all students by teaching a comprehensive curriculum which emphasizes scholastic excellence.  The District will serve as a model of educational excellence by making use of the combined skills of students, teachers, support staff, involved parents and citizens through the efficient use of resources.  Our graduates will have lifelong problem-solving skills.  They will understand that responsibilities accompany the privileges of citizenship and will have the foundation to be successful in their chosen endeavors.

    The Board of Trustees Adopted Seven Core Commitments: 

    • Provide world-class curriculum and educational opportunities for all students.
    • Utilize open communication and collaboration with and among staff, parents, business and community members to ensure unity and ownership in the vision and goals of the District.
    • Establish an educational environment defined by high expectations that promote responsibility and accountability of students, staff and parents, and one that nurtures and motivates students to pursue their full potential in academic performance and citizenship.
    • Integrate a technologically advanced educational environment and support system that promotes student learning and overall efficiency and effectiveness of District operations.
    • Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty and staff.
    • Provide a safe and secure educational setting for students and staff.
    • Vigorously pursue enhancement of the district's capacity to provide conditions for quality teaching and learning within the parameters of fiscal capacity and responsibility.

     The Lake Travis ISD Goals for 2016-2017:

    1. Student Achievement: Increase academic achievement for all students while closing the gap between student populations in pursuit of exemplary performance at the state and national levels.
    2. Community Investment and Support: Welcome, inform and engage students, parents, and the community regarding the educational priorities, processes, initiatives, and challenges of the District.
    3. Curriculum: Develop, implement, assess, and support full implementation of a high quality, vertically aligned curriculum that exceeds the state’s TEKS requirements by enhancing and utilizing research-based best practices from across the state and nation.
    4. School Environment: At all campuses and District facilities, provide an educational environment that reflects a commitment to safety, security, orderliness, and high standards of citizenship among students, staff, community, and visitors.  
    5. College and Career Readiness (P-16): Develop program initiatives and activities that reflect a commitment to preparing students for educational pursuits beyond their traditional Lake Travis ISD experiences.
    6. Highest Quality Staff: Recruit, hire, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty and staff.