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    West Cypress Hills Elementary School
    School Supplies List for 2016-2017

    There are two ways you can purchase next year's school supplies.

    1. Click on the links below to find your student's supply lists. From this list, you may purchase your student's supply lists from any vendor you choose. You can drop off your student's supplies on Meet the Teacher Night in August 2016.   
    2. The online pre-packaged grade level supplies order deadline has now passed. If you purchased your student's school supplies online, the supplies will be delivered to the school before the first day of school. Please contact Sprouts if you need to check on your order.


    1st Grade

    2nd Grade

    3rd Grade *

    4th Grade *

    5th Grade *

    * Student Planner Form
    (incoming 3rd - 5th Grade Students Only)