• For fairness and consistency, Cavs in Service has established GUIDELINES

    For the most complete explanation of the program, please read the guidelines here:

    Guidelines effective August 2017.


    In brief, to be considered for Cavs In Service credit: 

    Hours must be volunteer service for a non-profit organization found on the CIS List of Approved Organizations, or similar non-profit organizations involving work in accordance with CIS Guidelines. All religious organization service will be honored excepting fundraising.

    Service REQUIRED for Lake Travis High School or a school related class, club, organization, extracurricular, or booster club is not eligible.

    Eligible service may begin June 1st after completion of eighth grade.

    Fundraising is not eligible.

    For overnight camps, the maximum service that will be credited is 10 hours per day.

    All hours submissions to CAVS in Service must include a verifiable signature (not by a parent or student).  

    All submissions must be printed, stapled packets consisting of a coversheet & hours verification sheets turned in by established deadlines.

    An hour is an hour--no 2 for 1 hour specials allowed! 

    Hours in excess of 20 hours per year for fostering animals (or 30 minutes a day, whatever totals less) will not be accepted.


    Check before you volunteer!
    Refer to the List of Approved Organizations BEFORE you volunteer.  If your organization isn't listed, follow the instructions on how to request approval.