• BEFORE volunteering, make sure your sponsoring organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization or agency. It is not necessary for your organization to be listed on the pre-approved list if all activities and and the organization itself follow our Guidelines (see Guidelines on the Table of Contents on our menu.) Pre-approved organizations can be found here (use CTRL-F to search for a particular organization):

    List of Approved Organizations and Events (Edits sporadic, like-kind organizations likely approved)


    If volunteering for an organization NOT on the List of Approved Organizations, BEFORE volunteering, the student should complete and submit the following form to CIS faculty sponsor via a paper copy to Ms. Stearns in the library, and have an in-person conversation about the addition.

    FORM - Request to ADD Organization to Approved List

    If student plans to volunteer over the summer for an organization not on the List of Approved Organizations, the student should submit form by May 1st for approval.  This list is sporadically updated throughout the year as needed.

    The CAVS IN SERVICE committee cannot guarantee service credit for a non-approved organization even if the hours have already been performed, though retroactive aproval is common if all Guidelines are met by the service and by the institutuion.