Library Learning Commons Contact Information

  • Elizabeth Stearns, M.A., M.S.

    Library Media Specialist

    Main Campus: Library Learning Commons (A220)

    primary#: 512-533-6061   

    secondary#: 512-533-6131

    Ms. Elizabeth Stearns began her career in education in 1995. She taught Theatre Arts I-IV, Creative Writing, AP English III, and English II-IV before she became a high school Librarian in 2008. Ms. Stearns earned a B.A. in English and a B.F.A. in Theatre Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, an M.A. in American Literature from the University of Houston, and an M.S. in Information Science from the University of North Texas.

    Ms. Stearns sponsors the Book Club, Guitar Club, Gamer Club, The DJ Dead Poet's Society Club, and Cavs In Service, while striving to make the Library Learning Commons an inclusive environment for all academic interests and creative activities. "Together through creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, we can continue building a #FutureReady Library full of 21st Century learners!" --Stearns


  • Rosalie Galliver

    Library Aide

    Main Campus: Library Learning Commons (A220)


    Mrs. Rosalie Galliver has been an active part of LTISD since 2005.  While her children were growing up through Lake Pointe Elementary and Lake Travis Middle School, Mrs. Galliver volunteered in their schools and classrooms.  With two of her children graduated from Lake Travis High School, she is staying engaged as a full time aide in the library.  

    When she isn’t serving students and teachers, Mrs. Galliver enjoys reading, camping, and the outdoors.  She plays handbells in her church Handbell Choir and volunteers with Girl Scouts and Scouts BSA.



    Frequently Asked Questions about the LTHS Library Learning Commons


    1. Can we eat or drink in the Library?
    NO (for the most part)! All edible foods, e.g. M&Ms, breakfast tacos, cereal, grapes, etc. have the potential to leave residue or trash, making the Library environment uncomfortable for Library patrons. Speaking of discomfort, Library surfaces such as tables, chairs, computer keyboards, and computer mice are not regularly disinfected. If you attempt to eat food while touching any of these surfaces in between bites, you are ingesting a fair amount of nastiness. Stay in good health and eat everything elsewhere!
    UPDATE 10/10/19: We have been informed only water is allowed for hydration in the Library!
    2. Can we talk on cell phones in the Library?
    It depends...The Library strives to be a technology-friendly environment, but audible cell phone conversations infringe on the comfort of other Library patrons. Please take audible cell phone conversations elsewhere. Feel free to bring your own devices and use the school's resources to your heart's content!
    3. Where can teachers bring classes to work in the Library?
    Anywhere! As of Fall of 2019, the newly redesigned Library Learning Commons is a flexible learning space! Teachers can make reservations for the glassed-in Silent Study Suite & the Chromebook Lounge, while all other areas are available for drop-in use. Please bear in mind we try to provide the Silent Study Suite to students who need a quiet study area, so the Chromebook Lounge should be your first choice for class reservations. Thanks!
    4. Can we print documents on the Library printer for free?
    It depends... The first 20 pages of a master copy of a document generated for school purposes is free. If a document exceeds 20 pages, the subsequent pages are 10 cents a piece. Duplicates of the master copy are 10 cents a piece. Extraneous and unnecessary pages, and mis-formatted mistakes are also 10 cents a piece. Color copies are not available to the general student population in the Library or anywhere else on campus.
    5. Can we use district computers for gaming?
    Unfortunately, no. Administration forbids gaming on district computers in an effort to assist students in making responsible choices with their use of district technology. Rumor has it, some students were playing games on district computers when they should have been doing their school work! Remember, we have a club meeting for gaming every other Friday if you join Gamer Club!

    (I promise I'm not yelling at you, I'm just really loud!)