CDC Student Lunch Accounts

  • Our program offers the option to purchase lunch from the LTE and LPE Fuel Cafes for our two and three-year-old classes.  

    Below, you will find a CDC Student Lunch Account Application. If you would like the option to purchase a lunch for your child, you will need to print out and return the completed form to the CDC office. It will take approximately 1 week for the FANS (Food and Nutrition Services) office to process and enter the information to create your online account. 

    Once your account is set up, you will receive an electronic notification with instructions. You will be able to log on to the LTE campus website and click on the Parents and Students link, follow to the Menus and Cafeteria and then to the Lunch Money Now link to see your account balance. Menus are posted on the LTISD Food and Nutrition Services web page, along with a price list. For assistance, please contact Kathryn Dunphy at (512) 533-6037 or via email at

     The procedure at CDC will be as follows:

    • Parents must maintain accounts electronically. CDC staff will NOT be responsible for accepting cash or check to purchase lunches.
    • If you have an employee account, you must set up a separate account for your child.  
    • During the morning drop off hours of 7:00am-8:30am, parents must indicate on the designated LUNCH POSTER in each classroom if they wish to purchase a cafeteria lunch for that day or for the entire week. Arrivals after 8:45am cannot guarantee enough notification time for the number of meals needed to be prepared for CDC. 
    • No later than 8:45am, CDC staff will notify the LTE or LPE Food Service Manager of the children purchasing meals for any given day. Accounts will be charged accordingly.
    • CDC staff or a CDC parent volunteer will pick up the meals and deliver them to the CDC. 
    • You may indicate on the Lunch Poster the main entrée you would like to select for your child, otherwise, the CDC Coordinator will select the same main entrée for all children purchasing lunch for that day.

     Please direct your questions to Kristen Reilly, Child Development Center Coordinator, or Kathryn Dunphy in the Food & Nutrition Services office.