• Lake Travis offers articulated courses through Austin Community College's ACCTech program.

    In a ACCTech program, students begin their course of study in high school and continue in a community or technical college.

    ACCTech programs combine the academic courses needed for success in college AND technical courses that begin to prepare you for a career.

    Students in ACCTech programs can earn college credit that is held in escrow until they graduate from high school. Once they graduate from high school and complete one course at ACC, they can claim their banked credit and complete the remainder of their degree program.

    Lake Travis currently offers the following articulated courses:

    Articulated High School Courses

    College Course Equivalent

    Accounting I

    ACNT 1403: Introduction to Accounting I

    Business Information Management I

    ITSC 1309: Integrated Software Applications I

    AP Computer Science 2

    ITSE 2321: Object-Oriented Programming

    Web Technologies

    ITSE 1301: Web Design Tools & ITSE 1311: Beginning Web Page Programming

    Digital Electronics

    CETT 1425: Digital Fundamentals

    Principles of Engineering - PLTW

    ENGR 1201: Introduction to Engineering

    Global Business

    IBUS 1305: International Business & Trade


    BUSG 2309: Small Business Management

    Retailing and E-tailing

    MRKG 1302: Principles of Retailing

    Fashion Marketing

    FSHD 1302: Introduction to Fashion

    Film Production 1

    RTVB 1305: Introduction to Television Technology

    Digital & Interactive Media

    ARTC 1302: Digital Imaging I

    Agricultural Facilities Design and Fabriction

    WLDG 1428: Intro to Shielded Metal Arc Welding

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