Name Position Campus Phone Email
Stephanie Henderson Assistant Director of Special Services EDC 512.533.6470
Brett Durham Special Services Coordinator EDC 512-533-7911
Amanda Molina-Garza Special Services Coordinator EDC 512.533.6468
Krystie Griffin Intervention Services Coordinator EDC 512.533.6466
Siri Marquardt Lead LSSP EDC 512.533.7940
Kristi Payton Lead SLP EDC 512.533.7911
Hailey Lofton Doty 18+ Program Cottage 512.533.3399
Ana Duque Bilingual SLP EDC 512.533.7910
Marisa Sodder-Schuller APE EDC 512.533.7928
Crystal Crockett Behavior Specialist EDC 512.533.7912
Aimee French Behavior Specialist EDC 512.533.7914
Jessica Davis Behavior Specialist EDC 512.533.7954
Dr. Kimberly Haynes Behavior Specialist EDC 512.533.7924
Catherine Daniel OT EDC 512.533.7913
Mary Owen OT (Mon.-Thurs.) EDC 512.533.6048
Christine Urban PT EDC 512.533.7930
Lea Chesney Teacher of the Visually Impaired EDC 512.533.7903
Natana Gill O & M (Contractor) EDC 512.533.7913
Tami Rohn AI Teacher Round Rock ISD RDSPD EDC 512.778.2148
Lisa Lusby Diagnostician HBMS 512.533.7941
Sarah White LSSP HBMS 512.533.7931
Suzanne Zanot Department Head HBMS 512.533.6400
Laura Miller SLP HBMS, SHE 512.533.7958
Yvonne Loredo SLP BCE 512.533.7918
Alicia Schoenherr Department Head BCE 512.533.6250
Patrick Lambert LSSP BCE 512.533.7908
Andrea Wilder SLP / Dept. Head LPE 512.533.7925
Alba Valdez Bilingual Diagnostician LPE, SHE 512.533.7936
Nikki Campos LSSP LPE, WCHE 512.533.7917
Marne Grgurich SLP LTE 512.533.7915
Stephanie Melson Department Head LTE 512.533.6300
Jennifer Harris LSSP LTE, BCE 512.533.7916
Susan Crumpley LSSP LTHS 512.533.5966
Ashley Rew-Hunter LSSP LTHS 512.533.7926
Kristy Quigley Department Head LTHS 512.533.5928
Elisa Lovorn LSSP LTHS 512.533.7945
Leen Gulati Diagnostician LTHS 512.533.7957
Jenny Sones Department Head LTMS 512.533.6200
Traci Jackson Diagnostician LTMS 512.533.7908
Jessica Alonzo LSSP LTMS 512.533.7913
Kathryn McWilliams SLP LTMS, LTHS 512.533.7934
Sydney Jenkins SLP LWE 512.533.6350
Jennifer Scoggins Department Head LWE 512.533.6350
Miranda Bradford SLP SHE 512.533.7939
Stacey Lewis Department Head SHE 512.533.7400
Jeff Dietzel Diagnostician SHE 512.533.7959
Jenna Herd SLP WCHE 512.533.7920
Kelli Brown Department Head WCHE 512.533.7500
Christy Brothers Diagnostician WCHE, BCE 512.533.7904
Alyssa Jacobs SLP WCHE, LPE 512.533.7907