• FAQ's

    How do I communicate directly with the counselor?

    • Email WCHCounselor@ltisdschools.org
    • Direct phone 512-533-7589 (confidential voicemail)
    • School phone 512-533-7500
    • In person (if available) or you can leave a message to get an appointment scheduled

    How do counselor referrals work?

    • Through the parent/guardian, classroom teacher and/or school staff member
    • Grades 2-5 students can self-refer and request to see the counselor with a referral form provided in main office and classroom
    • Students can only “formally” meet with the counselor 1-2x without prior parental consent (crisis excluded)

    Can the counselor consult/collaborate with my child’s therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist for educational purposes?

    • Yes, as long as a consent to release confidential information form is requested, filled out, signed and returned