Accounts Payable

  • The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for all non-payroll disbursements, and ensuring payments to vendors are made timely and accurately. Other related duties and responsibilities include management of the travel disbursement and payments.

    Helpful Hints:

    The Helpful Hints section listed below is a sampling of the District’s policies and procedures as it relates to Accounts Payable.


    • Travel claims will be processed in accordance to LTISD policies and guidelines. However, supervisors have the discretion to limit travel reimbursements in order to meet budgetary restrictions.
    • Prior approval for reimbursement of travel and supplies must be obtained before expenses are incurred.

    Purchase Orders

    • Purchase orders must be received online and original invoices received in the Accounts Payable Department in order to process payments.
    • When registering for a workshop, conference or paying for a membership, a purchase order may be prepaid. A prepaid purchase order must include documentation for payment such as the conference registration.


    • Sales tax will not be reimbursed when the total amount of the receipt is claimed.
    • When filing a claim for group business meals, list the number and names of attendees and purpose of meal. If the claim is for a staff meal, it is acceptable to just list “staff” and the number of attendees and purpose of the meal. 


    • State tax will not be reimbursed for a hotel stay. Remember to take a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exempt form.