• How to participate in CAVS IN SERVICE  


    1.  Read the CIS GUIDELINES to know what is eligible for credit. 

    2.  Volunteer for an organization on the list of APPROVED ORGANIZATIONS or similar organizations that are established non-profits. The list functions as a repository of suggested volunteer organizations. Any volunteer service for a religious organization not listed will be accepted (excepting merely attending services).

    3. Collect signature verification of your service every time you volunteer on the SERVICE HOURS VERIFICATION FORM.

    Save the signed forms throughout the CALENDAR year. 

    4.  Turn in all signed forms during ANNUAL REVIEW PROCESS throughout the month of January:

    Attach a COVER SHEET to all the hours verification forms containing hours completed in the previous calendar year.

    Turn in a stapled paper submission packet to CIS mailbox in front office of main building (the exclusive drop-off location).

    Submission dates begin the first school day in January and continue through the DEADLINE at 4:10 p.m. on the last school day in January.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    5.  GRADUATING SENIORS may turn in hours performed January through March of their senior year:

    Attach a SENIOR COVER SHEET to all the hours forms from January through March.

    Turn in stapled paper submissions into CIS mailbox in front office of main building.

    Turn in dates begin first school day in March through DEADLINE at 4pm on the first school day in April.  NO EXCEPTIONS.