General Information

  • GT/Discovery program mission statement:

    • We commit ourselves to delivering an enriched rigorously accelerated gifted and talented curriculum both in skill development and in content; to differentiating curriculum and instruction delivery; and to directing all students identified as gifted and talented towards intellectual, emotional, and social success in academics and in life.

    Additional notes:

    • All incoming students need a clothbound (not spiral bound) composition journal, 7 ½ x 9 ¾ inches, wide or college ruled. This is needed on the first day of entry. These journals can be bought from WalMart, HEB, or any office supply store for anywhere between 89 cents and $4.00. Given a choice college ruled pages are preferred but not required. I have journals for sale in the classroom at $2.00 each. Students are expected to bring their journal and a reading book to Discovery class on every session day.

    • This program is rigorous… meaning the kids will be challenged intellectually, and will be expected to respond accordingly. We work in areas of advanced mathematical and algebraic problem solving skills, advanced reading analysis, independent research study, and various topic enrichment categories. Additionally, there are lessons that deal with teaching specific critical and creative thinking skills. Also, there is homework.

    • The student population enrolled in this program is varied in that there is a range of individuals with different intellectual strength and weak area combinations. We have students that have strong abilities for mathematics, language arts, creative thinking, and/or various combinations of those areas. Students are expected to excel in their strength areas, and to give their best effort in improving their weak areas. As the instructor for this program I try to address all areas as they may pertain to enhancing each student’s intellectual and academic profile.

    • Second and third grade have four 45-minute sessions per week; fourth and fifth grade have five 55 minute sessions per week. Sessions are staggered so that they miss no more than one homeroom subject area per week. Although students are often excused from missed homeroom assignments while in Discovery class, should the homeroom teacher deem it necessary to their academic progress Discovery students will be expected to make up important work. If students fall behind with grade level work or fail to meet expectations in the Discovery Program they may be furloughed back into the regular curriculum until specified learning and/or performance objectives are met.

    • Generally students who come in to the Discovery Program with a positive mature attitude and who work hard in their studies are very successful and enjoy the experience.

      Tom Seabolt
      Discovery Program Instructor
      Lakeway Elementary


    1. Bring your journal to class every day.

    2. Bring a reading book to class every day.

    3. Enter the classroom, find a place to sit, focused reading

    4. Classroom closed: sit out in the hallway and read quietly.

    5. Always write your first and last name on your papers.

    6. If Mr. Seabolt writes it on the board, you need to write it in your journal.
    7. No “eww” “ick” “gross” responses.

    8. Problem solving: You have 3 choices… 
            a. You can cry 
            b. You can throw a temper tantrum 
            c. You can make an intelligent guess or honest attempt

    9. Act above your age.

    10. No bragging about being in Discovery or about what we are doing.

    11. Be on time to class.

    12. No complaining, that's rude. Always view your education as a privilege.