Epi-Pens, Food Allergies, Self-Carry Medications

  • EpiPens:

    If your child has ANY  life-threatening allergy** (food, insect, environmental exposure, etc.), your doctor must complete and sign the Packet of Allergy Forms or Plan de atención de alergias every school year. You can also pick up a copy of this form in the nurse's office.** Insect, environmental, or other life-threatening allergies are not required to complete the Food and Nutrition form.

    Food Allergy Management at School:

    If your child has severe food allergies that require dietary restrictions, Food and Nutrition Services must be notified, even if your student doesn’t purchase daily lunches from the cafeteria. The Allergy Care Plan must be filled out and signed by a physician, nurse practitioner or advanced practice registered nurse.  Return the completed action plan to your campus nurse. The nurse will communicate this information with Food and Nutrition Services. Information about the food allergy management plan can be found at the LTISD Food and Nutrition Services website.

    Self-Carry Medications:

    State law allows students to carry their EpiPens and Asthma inhalers. Your doctor must provide permission for your student to carry a prescribed asthma inhaler or EpiPen. The doctor and parent guardian must complete the Self-Carry form, which is also included in the Allergy Care Plan packet linked above. The student may be required to demonstrate the skills needed to administer the medication in front of the school nurse.