Gifted & Talented - Discovery Program

  • The Fall referral window is now closed. However, if your child is new to LTISD this semester, you can make an online referral for GT testing by contacting your campus GT coordinator and  completing this form.  

    Attention Parents:
    Testing results for our K-12 Discovery (Gifted and Talented) program will be released to families no later than December 16th, 2022.  Due to the large number of students in the testing process, campuses cannot guarantee results prior to this time, nor can GT campus coordinators honor all requests for specific testing windows for individual students.  However, each campus will do everything possible to set our students up for success during this process.  If you have a question regarding the testing process, please first read the Virtual Meeting Q&A document below or reach out to your campus or district coordinator for more assistance.
    We appreciate your support of this program and for our GT teachers.  We look forward to supporting our Discovery students this year!

    2022 Virtual Parent Meeting Q&A Transcript


    The GT/Discovery Program in LTISD is committed to:

    • Developing a passion for learning, and personal growth so that students reach their talent potential as a life-long learner
    • Delivering an enriched, rigorously accelerated curriculum apart from the standard classroom curriculum for identified students
    • Differentiating curriculum and instructional delivery to align with the needs of students
    • Directing all identified students toward intellectual, emotional, and social success in academics and life

    So that all students’ intellectual, social, emotional and creative needs are met.


    • Identify and serve students who perform in the top 3-5% of the students nationally in the areas of:
      • general intellectual ability
      • creativity
      • advanced academic achievement
    • Provide exemplary units of study that both challenge and engage all identified students both intellectually and creatively.
    • Provide learning opportunities in high order thinking skills, decision making, problem solving and reasoning.
    • Address the social and emotional needs of identified students with the assistance of counselors, mentors, and peers.
    • Assist classroom teachers in the process of differentiation for identified students.
    • Strive to achieve exemplary status on the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students.

    Questions and Answers

    Description of Gifted Talented/Discovery Program