Gifted & Talented - Discovery Program

  • The 2020 LTISD Fall Gifted & Talented Program nomination window is now closed. The deadline was Friday, October 16th. Families who enroll in LTISD schools after October 16, 2020 will have an opportunity to test their children for the Discovery Program in January 2021. The next testing window for current LTISD students will open in August 2021.  


    GT/Discovery Information Meeting

    Información de Programa de descubrimiento de dotados y talentosos (Spanish)



    The GT/Discovery Program in LTISD is committed to:

    • Developing a passion for learning, and personal growth so that students reach their talent potential as a life-long learner
    • Delivering an enriched, rigorously accelerated curriculum apart from the standard classroom curriculum for identified students
    • Differentiating curriculum and instructional delivery to align with the needs of students
    • Directing all identified students toward intellectual, emotional, and social success in academics and life

    So that all students’ intellectual, social, emotional and creative needs are met.


    • Identify and serve students who perform in the top 3-5% of the students nationally in the areas of:
      • general intellectual ability
      • creativity
      • advanced academic achievement
    • Provide exemplary units of study that both challenge and engage all identified students both intellectually and creatively.
    • Provide learning opportunities in high order thinking skills, decision making, problem solving and reasoning.
    • Address the social and emotional needs of identified students with the assistance of counselors, mentors, and peers.
    • Assist classroom teachers in the process of differentiation for identified students.
    • Strive to achieve exemplary status on the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students.

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