Guidelines for Use of District Logos

  • The Lake Travis Independent School District is proud of its identity as 'The Destination District.'  As such, it is important to protect that image and safeguard our brand within the immediate Lake Travis community and among the larger global environment.  

    Lake Travis ISD is recognized by two district logos—a formal 'Corporate' logo and a less-formal 'Athletics & Activities' logo.  Additionally, each of our eleven campuses is identified by a formal logo, and some schools also have an athletics or alternate logo. 

    All district and campus logos are the property of the Lake Travis Independent School District.  In order to maintain the integrity of each logo, guidelines for appropriate use have been developed to assist staff, coaches, parent organizations, booster clubs and approved vendors.  No alternative logos are to be substituted.  The success of the Lake Travis ISD brand is contingent upon the authorized and appropriate use of its logos.

    District 'Corporate' Logo

    The District's Corporate Logo is the primary graphic representation of the District and is used on the main district website, correspondence, publications, etc.  The District's Corporate Logo is to be used in its entirety and without embellishment or enhancement.

    The District Logo may be reproduced in two color variations only:

    • Red and black 'LT' logo on a WHITE BACKGROUND, as illustrated
    • Red and black 'LT' logo on BLACK BACKGROUD, as illustrated

    The font used in 'Lake Travis' is Lato Semibold; the font used in 'Independent School District' is Lato Regular; please note the color inversion based on the selected background:

    LT logo with white background     LT logo with black background         

    District 'Athletics & Activities' Logo

    The District Athletics & Activities Logo is a less formal version of the District logo and is available for use by school and community organizations.  The logo is primarily used on athletic uniforms, apparel/spirit wear, and merchandise.

    • The 'LT' may be used alone, as illustrated (A)
    • The 'LT' may be used with the word 'Cavaliers,' as illustrated (B)
    • The 'LT' may be embellished to represent the school club, organization, or event, as illustrated (C)
    • The colors to be used are: Cavalier Red (Pantone 1795), White, and Cavalier Black (Pantone Process Black)
    • When adding letters or words to accompany the 'LT' graphic, the preferred font is Collegiate Black FLF

            A. LT logo                                B.    LT Mountain Bike logo

    Permission to use the District's official logos is granted to external entities and organizations on a case-by-case basis. Approvals are for one-time use only.  Subsequent use of official logos must be requested separately for each purpose.
    All vendors contracted by Lake Travis ISD, outside organizations or citizens requesting to use or reproduce Lake Travis ISD official logos on any media, apparel, or merchandise must complete a Request for Use of District Logo Form.
    Please note, principals have authorization for the use of school logos pertaining to their respective campuses.
    Questions regarding the appropriate use of any Lake Travis ISD district and/or campus logo should be directed to Marco Alvarado, Lake Travis ISD Director of Communications, at, or 512-533-6483.