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    Special Education Parent Handbook, Revised 2019       English       Español
    This handbook is intended to give parents a basic grounding in the special education process and the use of collaborative strategies and facilitation skills and techniques to improve that process. We hope to give parents tips, tools, tactics, and educator perspective—all of which will enhance collaboration with the school team. Ultimately, better collaboration among the adults in your child’s life will improve his or her educational outcomes.
    Parent Handbook for Special Education
     Higher Education Resource Guide

    Special Education Information Center

    The Texas Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) delivers accurate and timely answers to questions about special education to stakeholders across the state of Texas. Our purpose is to optimize information and respond with technical assistance in a succinct and useful format that is user friendly, culturally responsive, and accessible to all individuals. SPEDTex provides supportive state-wide leadership that promotes collaboration, meaningful communication and participation in the development and delivery of services to children with disabilities.