• Students must pick up a Day of Silence Form, which could be downloaded from the link below or picked up from the folders taped to the walls beside Ms. Kelly's J102 classroom door or Ms. Gilliland's J208 classroom door. This form needs to be signed by your Friday Teachers after you talk with them about what you'd like to do to participate and why.

    Turn in the form Friday Morning at the Day of Silence Table set up at the front rotunda of the High School Friday morning in exchange for stickers and flyers to attach to your clothes to help others know that you are trying to stay silent.



    You have choices as to what to do for the Day of Silence:


    #1. Wear Red! Wear red accessories, clothes, make a red sticker etc.

    #2. Go Silent all day in remembrance for those who had been bullied.

    #3. Bring up and discuss anti bullying themes in class and with the people you see during the day.

    #4. Make an Anti Bullying Themed Poster for the Day of Silence, get it approved by Mr. Aubry and put it up in the hallway.

    #5. Get creative!


    What is the Day of Silence?

    Day of Silence is the annual day of remembrance to those who had been bullied due to being different. Including the LGBTQIA community which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Allies who support the community. The statistics and research show that this is vulnerable group of students to harassment, bullying, taunting, rejection and isolation and that is wrong. We are taking a stand against putting people down due to the fact that they do not fall in the majority categories.



    Day of Silence Form

    Get your teachers to sign this form so they know ahead of time what you'd like to do in order to participate in the Day of Silence. Turn in the form on Friday morning at the Front Rotunda where we'll have a table set up.


     Day of Silence Form