Complete/Full Meal Information

  • The USDA MyPlate nutrition guide for Americans, which includes fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.

  • What makes a complete breakfast?

    The 4 breakfast meal items are listed below: 

    1. Fruit or Fruit Juice
    2. Protein
    3. Grain
    4. Milk 

    Students must choose 3 of the 4 meal itemsOne must be a fruit or fruit juice.

  • What makes a complete lunch? 

    The 5 lunch meal components are listed below:

    1. Fruit 
    2. Vegetable 
    3. Protein 
    4. Grain 
    5. Milk (8 oz. milk or 10 oz. water) 

    A complete lunch meal must include at least 3 of the 5 meal components. One must be a fruit or a vegetable! Students can pick up to 5 components for the same full meal price. 

    Note: cheese is in the PROTEIN group according to the USDA.

  • Complete Meals are available for the following menus and are eligible for meal benefits. 

    • Elementary Schools 

      • Breakfast Menu 
      • Lunch Menu 
    • Middle Schools 

      • Breakfast Menu
      • Lunch Classics Menu 
      • Salad Bar
      • LTMS Knight Special 
      • HBMS Buc Special 
      • BCMS Raider Special
      • The following menus/items are priced individually and not eligible for meal benefits. 
        • Chick-fil-A sandwiches 
        • Snacks and other beverages
    • High School 

      • Breakfast Menu
      • American Menu
      • Bistro Menu
      • Salad Bar
      • Entree salads (available on all lines)
      • The following menus/items are priced individually and are not eligible for meal benefits. 
        • Papa Murphy's 
        • Domino's
        • Chick-fil-A
        • Snacks and other beverages

    *Students must select a complete meal

    • To avoid paying a la carte pricing on meal components. 
    • To receive meal benefit pricing (for students receiving free and reduced meal benefits)

    Note: The complete meal components are the same as the USDA MyPlate meal components.