Peachjar Flyer Guidelines

  • All flyers posted through the Peachjar system must receive approval from the GW Byers Saumers, LTISD Communications Specialist. Please email or call 512-533-6099 for more information.

    Flyer approval does not constitute endorsement of any organization, program, product, service, or event. Approval simply means the material has been reviewed and meets the guidelines for districtwide electronic distribution. Lake Travis ISD administration reserves the right to rescind approval to any organization or person if a complaint is received, or if the organization is found to be in violation of district guidelines. Since public school policies are subject to change due to legislative action, Lake Travis ISD reserves the right to terminate any flyer posting that conflicts with District policy or state law.

    Internal LTISD Student groups, clubs, and organizations:

    1. All flyers must be submitted in a PDF format. Other formats will not be accepted. (Max file size: 6 MB)

    • Elementary Campuses: Flyers must be sent to your campus Peachjar uploader for uploading.
    • Secondary Campuses (boosters and recognized student groups): Please submit flyers to your department chair for approval to be uploaded. 
    • Secondary Campuses (PTO): Please submit flyers to your campus Peachjar uploader.

    2. Flyers for District-wide distribution must be in both English and Spanish.

    3. Flyers are published once per week on Tuesdays and must be uploaded at least 14 days prior to the Tuesday to be published.  

    External nonprofit community organizations:

    1. External organizations must create an account directly with Peachjar. Please follow this link to get started.

    Peachjar is a fee-based service for all external organizations. External organizations must purchase credits per flyer and upload directly through Peachjar. Pricing is solely determined by Peachjar. Peachjar may provide free flyer uploads for certain events and services hosted by external organizations. Guidelines are solely determined by Peachjar.

    Once an account is created, external organizations may upload flyers for District approval.

    2. The District has determined that certain external organizations have a similar mission to the District in that they provide a valuable service to our local students and parents without seeking profit. The District seeks to partner with and support these entities in an effort to better serve the District’s students and parents.

    3. To further this purpose, the District will allow the following external organizations to utilize the Peachjar system as a method of distribution of non-school literature, within the parameters of the applicable policies and guidelines:

    • Local nonprofit organizations
    • Local governmental entities
    • Local law enforcement agencies / first responders

    External organizations may only use the Peachjar system to promote events or activities that directly support the educational mission of the District.

    4. The District limits use of the Peachjar system to nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, law enforcement agencies, and first responders located within the boundaries of the Lake Travis Independent School District.

    5. External organizations that do not meet all applicable criteria will not be allowed to distribute non-school literature to students/parents through the Peachjar system.

    6. Flyers for District-wide distribution and flyers for distribution at Lake Travis Elementary, Hudson Bend Middle School, and Lake Travis High School must be submitted in both English and Spanish. The District will not translate flyers. It is the responsibility of the external organization to secure translation services. Flyers submitted in Spanish will be reviewed for accuracy. If the Spanish flyer is not accurate, it will be returned to the responsible organization for revisions. Failure of the organization to resubmit the Spanish flyer within two school days will preclude distribution of the organization’s flyer (both English and Spanish) for that week. If the Spanish flyer is re-submitted timely but the translation remains inaccurate, neither the English nor Spanish flyer will be distributed that week. 

    7. All flyers must be submitted as PDF files. Maximum file size is 6 MB. Other formats will not be accepted.

    8. Flyers must not include inappropriate content and will be subject to the limitations on content as outlined in Lake Travis ISD Board Policy GKDA (Local).

    9. Flyers may not contain advertisements or other information that would prevent the District from maintaining a position of neutrality on political issues or that create the appearance of favoritism on political issues.

    10. Flyers must include the following disclaimer, or a substantially similar statement, on every flyer: “[ORGANIZATION] is an external organization that is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by the Lake Travis Independent School District.”

    11. Flyers must be uploaded into the organization’s Peachjar account at least 14 days prior to the Tuesday to be published. The District’s Community Relations Liaison will review materials for compliance with applicable policy and guidelines and will make a final approval/denial decision within two school days of the materials being uploaded. Approval of flyers from external organizations does not constitute endorsement of any organization, program, product, service, or event.

    12. Flyers approved for distribution are published each Tuesday during the school year (excluding holidays). Flyers will not be distributed during the summer. External organizations are limited to two flyers per school semester (i.e., fall and spring), each with a one-time initial distribution. Flyers will remain on the Peachjar website and accessible by parents/students for a maximum of one month from the date of initial distribution.