6th-9th Gr. Sexual Health Curriculum

Lake Travis ISD LifeGuard Parent Workshop: April 23, 2024

  • Please also join us for a live Zoom meeting April 23rd at 6 pm to hear more about what is being taught.  Register here for the parent meeting.
    If you would like to request a preview of the LifeGuard curriculum, please note the following:

    • In our registration form we ask the question, "What is the name of your campus contact for the LifeGuard Sexual Health Program?" We ask this question to ensure security and verify registration.  

      • This specific question will be asked, so please make the name(s) of the campus contact that will be hosting available to parents of your opt-in students, so they are prepared to fill out the registration form appropriately. 

    • We also communicate the reasons for delays/failure of admissions with the message below in blue. If the registrant provides the wrong information, we will reach out to them via email and give them the opportunity before the workshop to provide the correct info. If the parent is registering late, we will still be monitoring this information and go through the same procedures as above. 

      *For questions, please email lifeguardinfo@lifeguard-tx.org.