• Leader for Life




    Leader for Life is an overarching framework that will support 7-12 grade students to create high performing, healthy, well-adjusted students capable of being meaningful, productive citizens.

    Leader for Life contains four components:

    • Academics
    • Accountability
    • Leadership
    • Service
    Leader For Life encourages our students to excel and achieve their academic endeavors in high school and beyond. We want our students to be prepared for life. Included below are a few academic resources for students to help guide them to achieve their graduation goals.
    Leader For Life promotes student involvement within our schools, our community, and as leaders. Students can be role models simply by following the student handbook, joining UIL competition teams, and participating in clubs and organizations. 
    Leader For Life motivates our students to give back to our community through service. There are many service organizations in place including Cavs In Service, NHS, NJHS at Lake Travis Middle School and Hudson Bend Middle School, and other organizations that our students are involved in to lend a helping hand. To find more information about service, view the links below.