College Coaching

    Ms. Kelly




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    Walk in Tutorial Hours:

    **Walk In Hours CLOSED for Finals Week and Summer- Begins Back up in August 2019** **Feel free to email questions**

    ·       College Selection process - how to pick a college, guidance in the selection process

    ·       College Testing: SAT, ACT, TSI - what scores will be needed for the schools selected

    ·       College Visits - the importance of a visit, how to set up a visit

    ·       College Applications - Apply Texas, Common Ap, ACC

    ·       Essays, Recommendations, Resumes - walking through the process

    ·       Scholarship Searches and Applications

    ·       FAFSA/TAFSA

    ·       Housing, Orientation, making The Big Jump.


    Come on by and let’s get you started!