Make certain that you speak with your counselor for college coaching. They will offer advice for essay writing, application deadlines, recommendation letters and more.


    Feel free to use the following College Organizer Link below. It’s a no cost workbook that walks you through the whole process and helps keep everything in one place. Share with your loved ones and counselor to help support you.


    College Organizer Link:



    College and Career Class for Juniors


    We also have a class available for Juniors called PATH 3 College and Career. This course covers:


    ·     Career Aptitude Testing

    ·     Test Prep

    ·     College Selection process - how to pick a college, the selection process

    ·     College Testing: SAT, ACT, TSI - what scores will be needed for the schools selected

    ·     College Visits - the importance of a visit, how to set up a visit

    ·     College Applications - Apply Texas, Common App, ACC, and more

    ·     Essays, Recommendations, Resumes

    ·     Scholarship Searches and Applications

    ·     FAFSA/TAFSA

    ·     Housing, Orientation, making The Big Jump.