Challenge Course Program

  • Why utilize a CHALLENGE COURSE (ROPES)? 

    Thanks to the Lake Travis Education Foundation, our district has seen thousands of students within the experiential education model, on our very own Challenge Course! 

    With current research in the field of Drug and Alcohol Prevention citing findings that one of the biggest protective factors for young people is a "feeling of connection to both school and community", the challenge course program and its concepts ensure an improvement in this area for our youth and community. Thanks to the Lake Travis Education Foundation, our district can tap into a valuable resource to build character and academics right in our own backyard! 

    The annual use of the Challenge Coures varies, yet the average use is 500 students per semester. The purpose of the LTISD Challenge Course is to align with the LTISD Vision and Purpose: Establish an educational environment defined by high expectations that promote responsibility and accountability of students, staff and parents, and one that nurtures and motivates students to pursue their full potential in academic performance and citizenship.                                                                                                                                                          

    Goals for the Challenge Course Program:

    • Incorporate the HEALTH TEKS into the challenge course events                                                    
    • Increase the level of cooperation within a group of participants
    • Increase the level of self-confidence for each participant
    • Increase the level of acceptance/trust within each group of participants
    • Increase the participants’ feelings of connection within the school/community setting

    See attachments for the MAP to the location, Ropes Course Permission Form, English and Spanish