Physical Education and Health

  • Health and Physical Education is comprehensive education (K-12) focusing on student awareness of their own health and well-being.

    The MISSION/PURPOSE of the Physical Education and Health Department is to engage students in skill development necessary for a lifetime of health and wellness by experiencing activities that teach behaviors that will encourage healthy decision-making, appropriate social skills, and a lifelong passion for physical fitness, in and outside of the educational setting.

    Through the state-mandated FitnessGram and the Texas Education Agency Health TEKS, students learn about physical, social and emotional development in order to assist them in making healthy lifestyle choices and avoid making destructive decisions.  *Cooper Institute's website

    TAC 19, Chapter 103.1003  requires students in grades 3-8, to have at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous daily physical activity!  With our district's wellness regulation in place, students will have an indoor recess that includes physical activity when possible. See our Rainy Day Activity Ideas!

    Wellness Plan FFA Regulations

    Rainy Day Activities

    P.E. Expectations for students with injuries


    The Health Curriculum, mandated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is taught throughout the Physical Education Department in grades K-5. In Middle School, Health is integrated throughout 6th grade P.E. and Dance. 6th Grade students with off-campus P.E. must successfully pass a comprehensive Health Exam to obtain the Health credit.

    Lake Travis ISD utilizes our School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), campus' nurses, and the Learning and Teaching Department in creating the following Human Development Scope and Sequence (which is taught through Health and/or Science classes in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8):