LTMS National Junior Honor Society 



    Sponsor: Rachel Croci (crocir@ltisdschools.org)

    Meets on the last Friday of the month in the Main Gym from 8:00 -8:30. 

    Student drop-off begins at the bus loop at 4:45.  The meeting dates are as follows:

    NJHS Meeting Schedule


    Member Expectations

    The definition of membership in the group shall include:

    • showing commitment and responsibility by attending 75% of meetings
    • participating in activities
    • showing a positive attitude toward his/her duty and peers
    • maintaining the academic and other standards on which this organization is based.  


    For group updates and events, please refer to our group’s Schoology page. If you are a member and not currently enrolled in our Schoology group, please contact Ms. Croci (crocir@ltisdschools.org).


    NJHS Service Hours

    Each member is required to earn at least 12 volunteer hours (6 hours completed during the summer/fall semester and six hours completed during the spring semester).  These hours may be earned volunteering in school or in the community. Volunteer hours are subject to review by the advisor to ensure the hours qualify. Each member is to provide documentation of all individual hours with a letter or form from the organization on official letterhead to be turned in to the advisor.


    NJHS Service Hour Form -- print out to document your service!


    How do I join NJHS?

    • Who is eligible for membership? Sixth and seventh grade students who have demonstrated the NJHS pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship inside and outside of the classroom. Scholarship critera includes maintaining a cumulative average of 93% or higher in their core classes.. How are qualified students informed? Students who possess the NJHS traits and meet the GPA requirement following the third quarter will receive letters via LA classes, and they will sign a roster to verify receipt.
    • How do they apply? Students will join a Schoology group with the “Request for Consideration Form.” Completed forms must be submitted to the sponsor by deadline. Incomplete forms, forms completed incorrectly, or forms received after the stated due date will NOT be considered.
    • How are members selected? The sponsor will review and organize applications. A five member faculty committee will review applications and consider relevant disciplinary records to make final membership decision.
    • “I’m in! Now what?” | Students will receive a new member letter sharing details about the induction ceremony. Letter will include an RSVP card and a request to submit membership dues.
    • What happens at the Induction Ceremony? | Families gather to celebrate the students’ accomplishment as members receive their membership ID cards and certificates.

    Looking for volunteers?

    We are always looking for ways to serve our community! If you have an opportunity for our members to earn service hours, please contact  Ms. Croci (crocir@ltisdschools.org).
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