• Leader for Life



    On February 1, 2016, Lake Travis ISD launched LeaderForLife, a comprehensive student wellness initiative. The program strengthens the whole-child, as well as the district’s current substance abuse prevention effort, by empowering students to lead a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

    LeaderForLife is comprised of four major components: academics, leadership, service and accountability (including volunteer random student drug testing.)  Leader for Life is an overarching framework that will support students, K-12, in the endeavor to create high performing, healthy, well-adjusted students capable of being meaningful, productive citizens.

    The Random Voluntary Drug Testing piece of the program has been established as a proactive prevention and intervention support offering students and their parents critical wellness resources and services. Under the volunteer random student drug testing portion of the program, high school students in grades 9-12 may voluntarily enroll to be randomly drug tested, contingent upon written parental consent.  San Angelo, TX-based Melody’s Southwest Consortium will manage the testing in conjunction with district and school officials.

    Aside from the incentives and rewards, a student’s enrollment in the LeaderForLife program can be noted on his or her college application.  We believe this will give students an advantage when applying for college or for a job.

    Additional information—including a list of Frequently Asked Questions—is posted along with other resources to the left of this webpage.  Our hope is that LeaderForLife will be a program that all students will embrace and one that our parents and greater Lake Travis community will support wholeheartedly.
    Random Voluntary Drug Testing Program Goals:

    • To create and empower positive peer group of youth committed to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle
    • To provide substance abuse education and resources for students and parents
    • To enlist community and business support of students pursuing and modeling a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle

    Program Enrollment

    For more information regarding the LTISD LeaderForLife program, please contact Roy Hudson, LTHS Assistant Principal, at 512-533-6122, or Kathleen Hassenfratz, LTISD Health and Social Programs Coordinator, at 512-533-6041.