Official Trademark Licensing Program

  • Licensing Program


    In 2011, the Lake Travis Independent School District applied for and received Registered Trademarks from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the team name "Lake Travis Cavaliers” and the "LT" logo that are used to identify its extracurricular/athletics programs (all rights reserved).

    Concurrently, the District implemented a licensing program. This program benefits the wholesalers and vendors that manufacture or carry Lake Travis Cavaliers merchandise because they are officially designated as licensed dealers for merchandise using our trademarks.  The program also positions the Lake Travis Independent School District to oversee and assure the integrity of our brand through proper usage, while providing a financial benefit to the school district through royalty fees.

    Permission to use the name "Lake Travis Cavaliers" and/or the District's "LT" logo may be granted to external entities and organizations on a case-by-case basis.  Approvals are granted for a specific use only.  All vendors, external organizations or others requesting to use or reproduce the name "Lake Travis Cavaliers" and/or the "LT" logo on any media, apparel, or merchandise must first complete a Request for Use of District Logo Form.
    A royalty is not required on merchandise being supplied directly to Lake Travis ISD, a Lake Travis school, an officially recognized Lake Travis ISD Parent Teacher Association/Organization, booster club, or a school-sponsored student organization. However, the Request for Use of District Logo Form must be submitted for each use.

    Vendors who intend to sell goods or merchandise for a profit bearing the name "Lake Travis Cavaliers" and/or the "LT" logo must receive prior approval under the District's Licensing Program. In general, a submission for the Lake Travis ISD Trademark Licensing Program requires a $100 application fee. The District will then review the application to determine if logo privileges will be granted. If granted, the licensee and the District will enter into a Licensing Agreement, and the licensee will then pay license fees to the District on a quarterly basis per the terms of the agreement. License fees are calculated as the higher of 10% of the Net Selling Price of the Product or $.50 per unit of Product sold, whichever is greater. Agreements are typically entered into for 3 year terms. To begin the process of applying for a Trademark Licensing agreement, please complete the Lake Travis ISD Licensing Program Application - Interest Form.

    For additional information on how to become an officially licensed partner through the LTISD Licensing Program, please contact Development and Corporate Relations at 512-533-6010 or email Katie Kauffman, Director of Development and Corporate Relations, at