Committee Membership

  • The committee is comprised of 31 members. Sixteen members represent the LTISD parent community, with two parents representing each elementary school and two representing each middle school. Four members are LTISD classroom teachers, five members are LTISD campus principals, and two members of the LTISD Board of Trustees will serve in an ex-officio capacity. Additionally, four LTISD residents will serve the community on the committee in an at-large capacity.

    The 16 parents selected to serve on the committee are individuals who:

    • do not currently serve in an elected position within the District, ie, PTA, booster club, or other school-related executive board;
    • are not currently employed by the District or related to an employee of the District;
    • have not indicated or possess a predetermined position regarding specific attendance boundaries;
    • are able to attend meetings during February, March, April, and May; and
    • are aware and accepting of the fact that their names will be disclosed to the community.