Scope of Work

  • The committee operates on the charge from the Board to:

    • Utilize and rely upon the Lake Travis ISD Demographic Update to review and develop a recommendation for attendance boundaries to be presented to the Board in April;
    • Employ the professional expertise of the Lake Travis ISD administrative staff to ensure that the Board parameters and district goals are not compromised as a result of recommended attendance boundary adjustments; and
    • Work collaboratively with committee members and district staff to ensure that the overall best interest of students is served by avoiding the promotion or advancement of individual agendas and recognizing the importance of compromise.

    The committee will be given the task of developing recommendations to be presented to the LTISD Board of Trustees regarding the realignment of elementary and middle school attendance zones to ensure to the extent possible that several guiding principles are met. Those parameters include:

    • LTISD will optimize school facility usage to accommodate projected growth patterns through the District;
    • LTISD and staff will utilize the most recent demographic data to avoid the need to redraw attendance zones until additional schools are brought online;
    • LTISD will recognize that demographic diversity enriches our community and we should embrace this philosophy in our analysis of attendance zones;
    • LTISD will use the feeder pattern school philosophy by designating specific elementary campuses to assigned middle schools when possible;
    • LTISD will avoid dividing the communities when possible; and
    • LTISD will utilize the following minimum and maximum enrollment figures when planning for schools:

                           Min. Desired Enrollment          Max. Desired Enrollment

    Elementary                     500                                      1,020

    Middle School                700                                      1,440