Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the District’s purpose in administering drug/alcohol tests to students participating in extracurricular activities or parking on campus?

    Our decision to implement student drug testing for illegal drug use stems from a concern for the health and welfare of our students,  a strong desire to protect them from harmful and potentially self‐destructive behavior, and to provide families with support to ensure that their children, our students are “life-ready.” The tests will provide students who want to remain drug- free with a powerful tool to resist peer pressure to use drugs. While we would all like our children to be strong enough to say, “No,” we know that during the teen years they need help with decision-making. Brain research data reveal that the longer a young person avoids even casual alcohol and drug use, the less likely that young person will face substance abuse problems later in life.

    Who will be administering the student drug testing?

    As a result of the District Request For Proposal (RFP) process, the District has selected Southwest Consortium, a company that specializes in student drug testing, to provide the services.  A certified collection technician will oversee and administer the testing process. Southwest Consortium's method of screening is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

    What does “random” testing mean?

    Southwest Consortium is sent the names of all eligible and enrolled students for drug testing purposes, which is updated periodically throughout the school year.  Prior to the administration of a test, Southwest Consortium will generate a list with at least 5% of the eligible student names and those students will be selected for the drug test.  These lists are selected using a certified computer-based matrix, and come directly from the testing company without local control or influence.

    What happens if a student tests positive and is on prescription medication?

    Parents/guardians should list all prescription drugs and dosages on the LTISD Student Drug Testing Consent and Enrollment Form. Once a student has a positive drug test result, the Campus Drug Testing Administrator (CDTA) will check the result against the medications listed on the Parent Consent and Enrollment Form and in the nurse’s office.  Additionally, the CDTA will call the parent to communicate a positive drug test results, wherein the student or parent will have three school days to provide a medical explanation for the positive result.

    Who is informed when a test comes back positive?

    Southwest Consortium has one authorized contact, the CDTA at each school. This is the only person who receives information pertaining to testing. Per Board Policy FNF(LOCAL), drug-testing results shall be confidential and shall be disclosed only to the student, the student's parent, and designated District officials who need the information in order to administer the drug testing program.  As soon as possible, after receiving a positive student drug test result, the CDTA and Director of Health and Social Emotional Learning will call the parent to schedule a conference with three school days.

    Will secondary marijuana smoke indicate a positive test?

    Secondary smoke may show a very low level of marijuana. For other drugs to be detected, they must be ingested/consumed.

    What if my son or daughter refused to take a drug test?

    A student who refuses to be tested when selected or who is determined to have tampered with a sample shall be deemed to have a positive test result and shall be subject to the appropriate consequences depending on previous positive test results, if any.

    If a student is absent on the day of the random test, a sample shall be collected on the next random testing date.