• What is Kardivas?

    Kardivas is a character club for 5th grade girls that exists to encourage young girls that they are uniquely created with a purpose, that they have integrity and worth, and that they have something valuable to contribute. Since 2005, Kardivas has been setting LTISD girls up for success in middle school through their weekly meetings, service projects and social events. Every 5th grade girl is invited to join.

    What is the club like?

    Our meetings are fun and lively. We have a snack, give awards, play ice breaker games and have meaningful discussions. Topics include: telling the truth, how to be a good friend, forgiving others, and being thankful. In addition to the weekly meetings, Kardivas offers social events, service projects, and a variety of parties including a Christmas and an Easter party which are held outside of the Thursday meeting time and are purely optional.

    How is the club organized?

    Kardivas is organized and managed by a team of leader moms who have a 5th grade daughter at your school. Lake Travis High School senior girls serve as mentors for the club and lead the activities and discussions at club meetings.

    Scholarships are available upon request. Scholarships are available by emailing lisa@johnsonlakeway.com.

How do I register?