Medications at School

  • Only medications that are necessary for a student’s medical care will be administered at school.  Most medicines that are needed, even up to three times a day, can be given at home and should not be sent to school. There are some occasions where medication is required by students and cannot be adequately given at home. In these cases, with written permission of a parent or guardian, school personnel can give the medication. The following procedure is used for medications administration by school personnel.

    A Request for Medication Administration Form must be completed for each medication to be administered.

    In certain circumstances, a physician's signature is required:

    • Prescription to be given more than 10 school days (daily medication)
    • Over-the-Counter medication to be stored at school for more than 5 consecutive days
    • Over-the-Counter medication to be administered at dose different from manufacturer's label

    Only a parent or guardian may drop off and pick up medication at the nurse’s office. Students are not allowed to carry medication with them in school or on the bus. Unused medication will be discarded after 30 days.

    Medication must be in its original container. The school nurse will not accept or administer any medications that are in Ziploc bags or improperly labeled bottles. No mixtures of medication are accepted (i.e. Tylenol 500 mg and 250 mg in one container). Please make sure the medication has not reached the expiration date on the bottle.

    Please make arrangements so the medication can be left at the nurse’s office until the last day the medication is to be given. If the pharmacist is unable to prepare a separate container for home and school, keep enough medication for home use and bring the rest to the school in the original prescription bottle.

    If non-prescription medications are required longer than one week, have the physician write an order to keep in the nurse’s records.

    Students with prescription asthma or anaphylaxis medication may possess and self-administer their medication following rule 38.15 of the Texas Education Code. This will require written permission from their doctor stating that the student may self-administer. It will be kept on file in the nurse’s office and is valid for the current school year only.

    If your child wears contact lenses, she/he should keep a case and small solution bottle in her/his locker or backpack. Using their own supplies reduces the risk of eye infections.