• Please Note:  The conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are continually evolving and LTISD’s plans will be constantly

In Person Learning on Campus - Overview

  • In-person learning is available for students in Prekindergarten through Grade 12. Students will attend school on a regular instructional schedule and will engage in in-person learning on campus all day, every day. Student attendance will be required five full days per week, unless the student is sick or otherwise required to quarantine. 

    Elementary students will be assigned to grade level classes that will be taught by LTISD teachers at their home campus. Secondary students in grades 6-12 will follow their class schedules by transitioning to different classrooms for course instruction. Classroom instruction will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area. Expectations for coursework and guidelines for grading of in-person learning and remote learning will be the same. Teachers will utilize District curriculum and scope and sequence guidance to design learning activities. Students will be provided social-emotional support, accommodations, and support services. Preventive safety measures will be implemented.

In Person Learning on Campus - FAQs

  • How will face covering compliance be enforced?
    (New 8/25/2020)

  • What is the process for seeking an accommodation or exemption for my student from the face covering protocols?
    (New 8/25/2020)

  • Will students and staff be required to wear masks?
    (Updated 8/25/2020)

  • Can students wear face coverings even when they are not required?

  • What happens if a student or a teacher tests positive for COVID-19? Will the entire classroom have to quarantine and switch to remote learning at home? What if multiple classrooms and students/staff are impacted?

  • Why has the LTISD Board of Trustees and the Superintendent decided to provide a five day a week, full day option for students?

  • Will the district consider upgrading the HVAC filtration systems currently in place?

  • Will transportation services be provided?

  • Do the school buses have air filters in place?

  • Will social distancing be observed on buses, and how will seating arrangements be determined?

  • What will the daily sanitization protocols be and what precautions will be in place on my child's campus?

  • Will health and safety training be provided for all staff and students?

  • Will LTISD require daily screenings of students and staff?

  • How many students will be in my child’s class?

  • Will cafeterias be open and will school meals be served?