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Remote Learning at Home - Overview

  • Remote learning at home is available for students in Prekindergarten through Grade 12 in core content and elective areas. Students will remain at home and will engage in daily learning activities that are primarily delivered through Schoology, the District’s learning management system. Daily student participation and progress in learning activities will be required. A structured schedule will be offered to students and indicate time periods when peer collaboration will be provided throughout the day. This will expand opportunities for students to engage with content and interact with teachers and classmates. The schedule will reflect time for independent, asynchronous learning activities taught by LTISD teachers and will include breaks and lunch. A caregiver will need to be available to support younger students with navigating the daily schedule and with providing assistance with learning as needed. Secondary students should follow the same bell schedule as in-person learning to ensure requirements for daily engagement.

    Remote learning will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area. Expectations for coursework and guidelines for grading of in-person learning and remote learning will be the same. Teachers will utilize District curriculum and scope and sequence guidance to design learning activities. Students will be provided social-emotional support, accommodations, and support services. Preventive safety measures will be implemented. An internet connection and laptop computer are required for remote learning. Families will need to request such devices (Chromebooks or WiFi hotspots) from their campus which their students are attending for checkout.


    TEA Approved LTISD Asynchronous Plan

Remote Learning at Home - FAQs

  • Will meals be provided for students who select remote learning?
    (New 09/08/2020)

  • What might a typical day look like for a student participating in remote learning?
    (New 8/19/2020)

  • Will students who previously attended private school, including homeschool, in Texas during the 2019-2020 school year be eligible for LTISD remote learning?
    (Updated 8/19/2020)

  • Will the synchronous lessons be geared toward content with specific lessons, or will it be just a "chat/question answer" session?

  • Will there be times during the day a teacher will interact with students and be available for students?

  • Will there be attendance requirements for remote learning students?

  • Can students who select remote learning still participate in athletics and extracurricular activities?

  • Will students remain enrolled at their school if they choose remote learning?

  • Who will be my student’s remote learning teacher and will that teacher be from our home campus?

  • Will students participating in remote learning receive live, teacher led instruction for the full length of the school day?

  • What about students receiving special services?

  • How will Gifted and Talented services be handled through remote learning?

  • Are immunizations required for remote learning?

  • Will my child have remote access to his/her campus nurse during the school day?

  • Will students participating in remote learning need to purchase schools supplies for the new school year?