Student Password Info and Required Reset for Grades 6-12

  • As a reminder, we will begin the 2020-2021 school year on Wednesday, August 19 with remote learning at home for all students through at least September 7. Learning will look different from last spring, and we are excited to bring a more robust online experience to our students and families. We want to share some important steps your student will need to perform prior to the first day of online learning. Please note, this is a multi-step process which we recognize can be overwhelming. Given a traditional setting, teachers guide our students through these steps on site during the first days of school. To facilitate this process at home for our families, a visual infographic and video supporting the information in this email are forthcoming. 

    Our primary learning dashboard for the year is referred to as LT1 ClassLink. The dashboard includes a number of applications students will access each day for online learning, the most common of which is Schoology, our Learning Management System. The District uses single sign-on for most learning applications which means the student’s password will be automatically synced across most of the apps in LT1 ClassLink. The exception, however, is Skyward. To maintain the integrity and security of our student information system, Skyward requires a separate login.

    Beginning at 8:00 am, Monday, August 17, passwords in our LT1 ClassLink platform will be reset for all students in 6-12 grade. The password reset does not impact elementary students in K-5 grade. However, all students in K-12 grades must perform the following steps in order to get connected and be ready for online learning:

    • Using your preferred device, go to your school website and click on the LT1 ClassLink icon at the top of the page. Or, you can also type “” into any web browser.
    • To login, enter the student’s username and password, then click the “Sign In” button. Student usernames begin with the letter “s” followed by the student number. (Example: 's123456'). Parents can find their student’s username, also called the Student Number, in Skyward Family Access under the Student Profile section.
      • For students in grades K-5, passwords are in a fixed format and will not be reset. The password is the student’s birthdate using the following format: year in four digits, month in two digits, and day in two digits. (Example: a student born on March 17, 2006 would use the password 20060317 )  
      • For students in grades 6-12, passwords are specific to the student’s graduation year as follows:
        • A graduate of the class of 2021 would use the password format LTISD2021! Here’s another example: a graduate of the class of 2025 would use the password format LTISD2025!
        • It is important to note that this will be a temporary password.
        • After initial login to LT1 ClassLink, all secondary students will be immediately prompted to create their own unique passwords.
        • In the “Old Password” field, enter the temporary password. As a reminder, the student’s temporary password is specific to his or her graduation year. 
        • Students should then create and confirm their own unique password. Please note, the new password must meet the following criteria:
          • Minimum of eight characters
          • Must include a capital letter
          • Must include a number or symbol
          • Cannot use any of the student’s last five (5) passwords

    Once elementary and secondary students are logged into LT1 ClassLink, click on the Skyward icon. As a reminder, students will be prompted to enter a separate login to Skyward. If students need assistance with logging in, select the “Forgot your Username or Password” link. Secondary level students new to the District will receive their password via email to their address on Monday August, 17. In Skyward, elementary students can locate their homeroom teacher while secondary students can access their class schedules.

    Your child should now be ready to begin his or her journey through online learning. For technical assistance with any of these aforementioned steps, please contact the LTISD Helpdesk at Parents should continue to consult their principal’s newsletters and school website for additional support. We look forward to serving our students and a successful year of Learning Transformed!