Updating Your Password Using LT1 ClassLink

    1. Using an internet browser on your computer, Chromebook, or mobile device, enter lt1.ltisdschools.org

    2. Enter “s” followed by your student ID number as the Username and Password. 

        • For students in grades K-5, passwords are in a fixed format and will not be reset. The password is the student’s birthdate using the following format: year in four digits, month in two digits, and day in two digits. (Example: a student born on March 17, 2006 would use the password “20060317”)
        • A graduate of the class of 2021 would use the password format “LTISD2021!” Here’s another example: a graduate of the class of 2025 would use the password format “LTISD2025!”  

    3. Select "Sign In"


    4. After initial login to LT1 ClassLink, all secondary students will be immediately prompted to create their own unique passwords. In the “Old Password” field, enter the temporary password. As a reminder, the student’s temporary password is specific to his or her graduation year. Students should then create and confirm their own unique password. Please note, the new password must meet the following criteria:

        • Minimum of eight characters
        • Must include a capital letter
        • Must include a number or symbol
        • Cannot use any of the student’s last five (5) passwords

    5. Select "Submit" to finalize updating your new password.