Protocols for Campus Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection will support a healthy learning and work environment for students and staff. All LTISD facilities will institute more frequent cleaning practices. Each campus has increased custodial staffing assigned specifically during the school day to clean high contact areas and surfaces and to quickly respond to areas used by an individual who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while at school. Each campus has electrostatic sprayers for daily sanitization of high contact areas, including playground equipment, gyms and athletic equipment, and cafeteria tables. In addition, campuses will have a monthly application of long-lasting sanitization using the electrostatic sprayers. Custodians will be expected to wear masks and gloves during work hours.

    Daily Cleaning

    • Each classroom and office will be cleaned and disinfected daily at the end of the day.
    • All high-touch areas will be disinfected throughout the day. 
    • Staff and students will have access to disinfecting items to sanitize working surfaces, shared objects, and high-touch areas after use and during breaks in instruction.
    • Cleaning products include EPA-approved hospital-grade cleaners.

    Monthly Cleaning

    • Each campus will be disinfected with a hospital grade, long-lasting antimicrobial coating that provides a disinfectant barrier and provides continuous residual virucidal activity.

    Restrooms and Locker Rooms

    • Staff should supervise and limit the number of students utilizing the bathroom or locker room at any one time to reduce occupancy and allow social distancing.  
    • Elementary teachers are recommended to coordinate whole class restroom breaks at different times to eliminate co-mingling of students across various classes and to enable teacher monitoring of social distancing guidelines.
    • Increased disinfecting will occur throughout the school day. Staff and students must wash hands with soap and water prior to exiting the bathroom. Proper handwashing techniques will be taught to all students and consistently reinforced. 
    • Use of locker rooms should be staggered where possible.
    • When students are finished dressing in a locker room, students should exit promptly to allow social distancing.

Protocols for District Facilities

  • All district facilities should operate with the district guidelines outlined in this document, including wearing appropriate face coverings, social distancing, wiping frequently touched surfaces, etc. Specific protocols for all facilities include:

    • All LTISD facilities will have hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations with soap and water at each entrance.
    • All receptionist stations will have a plexiglass divider installed.
    • All facilities will have signage for self-screening, masks, mitigation strategies, hand washing, social distancing, etc.
    • All work areas will have hand sanitizer available.
    • All kitchens, workrooms, and conference rooms will have disinfecting wipes available. Break room usage should be limited to prevent gathering and allow for social distancing.
    • Contactless thermometers will be readily available at all district buildings for anyone who wishes to take their temperature.
    • Water fountains will be turned off or covered and water bottle fillers will be installed and available for staff and student use.
    • All LTISD facilities have been upgraded from MERV-8 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) commercial-grade pleated filters to the MERV-13 commercial-grade pleated filter. The higher the MERV rating, the more effectively the filter traps small particles. These filters are commonly installed in food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality and industrial facilities to remove contaminants from the air stream and improve air quality. 
    • LTISD air units have been recalibrated at each facility to bring in more outdoor air and run longer to further filter the air and improve indoor air quality.
    • LTISD’s 2018 Bond Program allocated over $12 million to upgrade the District’s HVAC systems. Campuses that had major upgrades to its systems include Lake Travis High School, Lake Travis High School Annex, Hudson Bend Middle School, Lake Travis Elementary School, Lakeway Elementary School, Bee Cave Elementary School and Lake Pointe Elementary School. The last of the HVAC campus projects are being completed this summer.

Protocols for Meetings and Common Areas

    • LTISD will reduce all in-person meetings and other opportunities for adults to congregate in close settings. 
    • All necessary meetings should be kept to under 10 people and when possible should be held virtually.
    • Meetings between parents and staff should be conducted virtually, when possible.
    • The use of virtual meetings/videoconferencing is preferred when possible, including PTA/PTO meetings, ARDs, LPAC, booster club meetings and events. 
    • Meetings should only be held in spaces where a 6-foot distance is sustainable for all non-family members to sit.
    • Small meeting spaces should not be a shared space and should instead be used by individuals.
    • Any meetings that are necessary and cannot be done via electronic means must meet the following requirements:
      • everyone must follow the mask protocols in this guidance,
      • everyone must remain at least 6 feet apart where feasible,
      • sharing of materials and supplies should be limited,
      • meeting spaces should be considered where the use of dividers and/or increased airflow from the outdoors is possible, and
      • non-LTISD individuals should be permitted to wait in their car rather than in reception areas until the start of the meeting.
    • Campuses will develop schedules and follow protocols for the use of common areas, including how to sanitize the space between use. When working in a common area, students should bring personal supplies from the classroom. 
    • The allowable number of students in a common area will be based upon social distancing practices when possible.
    • Visual reminders will be displayed for social distancing throughout common areas. Informational graphics and markers will be posted to help with 6 ft. social distancing.