Protocols for the Cafeteria

    • At this time, mealtime visitors will not be permitted in school cafeterias.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entrances and exits of the cafeteria.
    • Based on building capacity and student enrollment, campus administration will attempt to space tables adequately to allow social distancing.  
    • Cafeterias will be monitored to promote social distancing practices and to reinforce the use of face coverings.
    • Traffic patterns will be marked with the use of posted signage and floor markings.
    • Masks will be required while in the cafeteria with the exception of eating.
    • The use of the shared microwaves will be temporarily unavailable due to the increased opportunities for food contamination
    • Where applicable, the salad bar will be temporarily closed due to the increased opportunities for food contamination. Boxed salads will be available on the serving line.
    • Breakfast and lunch options will be plated by cafeteria staff    to minimize student contact with food.
    • Students will be allowed to select individually pre-packaged food and items with the use of single use wax paper that will be provided to avoid cross-contamination.

    Disinfecting Protocol

    • Cafeteria tables will be thoroughly wiped down between each group with consideration for food allergies in alignment with table cleaning protocols outlined in the District’s Food Allergy Management Plan.
    • In addition to cleaning between classes, electrostatic spraying of all cafeteria tables and seats will occur daily.