Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Lake Travis ISD police officers do everything other police officers can do?

    Yes, our officers are Texas peace officers fully certified and licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and given the same duties, authorities, and immunities as all other Texas Peace Officers.


    What makes our district officers different from the Sheriff's department, the municipal police, or the constables?

    Although all Texas police officers have the same authority granted by law, our police officers are employees of the district and receive additional training that is specific to LTISD's expectations, policies, and campuses.


    Do Lake Travis ISD officers have authority if they are not on school district property?

    Yes, our officers can enforce laws on and off district property. 


    Do our police officers write real tickets, and what happens to the tickets they write?

    Yes, our officers do indeed write real tickets and they are submitted to the appropriate court. If an individual is ticketed and fails to contact the court, a warrant for his/her arrest may be issued. This applies to both students and non-students, on or off campus.


    Can our officers arrest adults and/or juveniles?

    Yes, our officers have this authority, just like any other peace officer in the State of Texas.  This applies to both students and non-students, on or off campus.  


    If other police departments need assistance, can our officers respond?

    Yes, just as other law enforcement may respond to our officers' assistance, so may we respond to calls for assistance from other police departments.