• April 23, 2021


    Dear Lake Travis ISD Staff, Parents and Guardians,

    The number one priority of the Lake Travis ISD Board of Trustees is the safety of our staff and students. Our staff strives to provide the best education possible in a safe and caring environment. We continue to receive questions about what the future may hold regarding our safety protocols, in particular, the current requirement to wear face coverings. Our district continues to get input from many sources regarding best practices as we close the spring semester and prepare for the summer and the 2021-2022 school year. 

    This year has brought many unanticipated changes as well as mandates from other agencies, either of which could impact or alter any decisions we make for the 2021-2022 school year. In response to the public comments received at this week's school board meeting, we will discuss and make a decision regarding our COVID face covering protocols at the May 19, 2021 board meeting. This will include discussing our plans for summer school and summer programs, along with our plans for the 2021-2022 school year.  

    Strategic planning is another initiative we are currently engaged in with our stakeholders. This process will allow us to continue to be a destination district by working with our staff, students, parents and community to shape the future and the expectations for LTISD. We have contracted with Education Elements to facilitate these conversations for strategic planning. Using feedback from our Community Summits and VideoAsk requests, we have 5 Strategic Planning Focus Areas:

    • Are One Community: The community is closely connected and proud of its schools. LTISD intentionally plans ways to come together. A neighborhood feel is maintained even through rapid growth and ideological divisions. All families are supported and engaged with opportunities to provide input and be heard.  Communication is transparent, consistent and two-way.  
    • Grow and Innovate Together: There is a constant push to build off success, move forward, and continuously improve. Facilities planning is informed by future growth. Finances are managed in order to support the future needs of the district.
    • Each Belong: All students and their families feel welcomed, respected, heard, and understood. All students feel connected to a mentor who understands and celebrates their backgrounds. All students have opportunities to explore their interests through electives and extracurricular activities where they belong to a group.
    • Provide Best in Class Education: Students are prepared for life, including critical thinking, civics education, and digital citizenship. Students succeed in the postsecondary path they choose (college OR vocation). Students with special needs are quickly identified, receive the support they need, and are included. High quality educators are recruited, cared for, and retained. 
    • Prioritize Wellness: Counselors and teachers use trauma-informed practices to support the mental health needs of their students. Social and emotional needs of students and staff members are met. Safety, health, and support are prioritized for all members of the Lake Travis ISD Family.  

    It is important to note that we have not contracted with Education Elements to provide any professional development for our staff or to work with our curriculum department on any curriculum alignment project. Also, we have not discussed contracting Education Elements nor do we plan to contract them in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

    We look forward to seeing a great strategic plan come forward from our community engagement. To keep up to date with the status of our strategic planning process, please visit our strategic planning webpage.  

    We are proud of the commitment our staff, students and families have made to make the 2020-2021 school year the absolute best it could be considering our circumstances. On behalf of my colleagues on the Lake Travis ISD Board of Trustees, thank you for supporting our staff, students and families. 

    Kim Flasch Signature

    Kim Flasch

    President, Lake Travis ISD School Board