Character Counts at Bee Cave Elementary!

  • One pillar at a time we are laying the foundation for a lifetime of good character choices. It is our goal to build 'value-able' citizens who will eventually become tomorrow's leaders. The Six Pillars of Character are integrated into everything we do. We hope that you will help us by reinforcing these character traits at home!

    Character Counts Logo

    Good character is T.R.R.F.C.C.!
    Trustworthiness- Integrity ∙ Honesty ∙ Reliability ∙ Loyalty
    Respect- Golden Rule ∙ Tolerance and Acceptance ∙ Nonviolence ∙ Courtesy
    Responsibility- Duty ∙ Accountability ∙ Pursuit of Excellence ∙ Self-Control
    Fairness- Justice ∙ Openness ∙ Consistency ∙ Impartiality 
    Caring- Concern for Others ∙ Kindness ∙ Compassion ∙ Empathy 
    Citizenship- Do Your Share ∙ Lawfulness ∙ Common good ∙ Respect for Authority