"Wellness Watch" Newsletters

  • In Spring 2021, Lake Travis ISD's School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) decided to create a newsletter to share information that will help families and the community support student health in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional wellness, and health education. 

    "The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model is CDC’s framework for addressing health in schools. The model focuses on the student and emphasizes the collaboration between schools, communities, public health, and health care sectors to align resources in support of the whole child." -U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

    Notice at the center of the WSCC model is a child. We believe every child should be safe, healthy, challenged, supported, and engaged. This is achieved through the supportive structures of the family, school, and community surrounding the child.  

    Diagram of WSCC Model


    FALL/WINTER 2023 (Dec.)

    - Managing Stress During the Holidays
    - The Sweet Spot: How to Maintain a Healthy Sugar Balance this Holiday Season
    - How to Keep Kids Active in Winter
    - 'Tis the Season for... Winter Illness
    - Lake Travis ISD Families Mental Health Series
    - Human Trafficking Month Event


    SPRING/SUMMER 2023 (May)

    - Fentanyl Awareness Night Presentation Video
    - Spring into Summer with Seasonal Fruits & Veggies
    - Surviving the Pressure Cooker of High Achievement
    - Research Says UNPLUG!


    WINTER 2023 (Jan.)

    - Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Children and Teens
    - The Ecological Impact of Food
    - Staying Out of the Whirlwind
    - "It's Just Allergies!" Or Is It?
    - LTISD Mental Health Parenting Video Series: Depression & Anxiety
    - Fentanyl Awareness & Prevention Webinar Series: Info and Registration


    FALL 2022 (Nov.)

    - ONE PILL CAN KILL: The Dangers of Fentanyl
    - LTISD Mental Health Parenting Video Series: Depression & Anxiety
    - What Can Parents Do About Bullying?


    SUMMER 2022 (July)

    - Summer Fun with Food: Enjoy the summer with some fun food experiences
    - Mental Health is More Important than a Trophy: An open letter
    - Why do they DO That? Adolescent Brain Development and Behavior
    - It's Time to Unplug: Give Yourself Permission


    SPRING 2022 (April) 

    - Why is Everybody So Angry Right Now?
    - Not One More Victim: Partners Against Child Trafficking
    - Moving Down the Road of Life: Healthy choices for your body
    - A Taste of How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Eat
    - Free Overnight Summer Camp for Qualifying Students - Camper and Counselor Positions
    - Spring Back into Moving


    WINTER 2022 (Jan.)

    - How Much Time in Nature Does a Kid Really Need?
    - Romaine Calm: Nutrition and Stress Management
    - Sleep - It's Just What the Doctor Ordered!
    - 3 Ninja Steps to Manage Stress for Kids, Teens, & Adults
    - Every Parent's Worst Nightmare: A Mom's Heartbreaking Reality (Fentanyl Poisoning)


     FALL 2021 (Oct.)

    - Rising to the Farm Fresh Challenge
    - "It's Just Allergies!" Or Is It?
    - Why Kids Shouldn't Specialize in One Sport at a Young Age
    - Parenting Generation Z


    SUMMER 2021 (May)

    - Staying Mentally Healthy During the Summer
    - Be Water-Wise This Summer: Swimming Safety
    - The Importance of Water: Hydration
    - 15 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer
    - Save the Date: TIL Screenagers Next Chapter


    SPRING 2021 (March)

    - What's WSCC?
    - Weathering the Storm: Recognizing Trauma
    - Spring Into Sunshine
    - BLAST OFF with Breakfast, at Home or at School!
    - How Much Physical Activity Does Your Child Need Daily?