Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD) Board of Trustees has called a bond election for Tuesday, November 8, 2022. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended to inform voters about the election.

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Bond Election

  • 1. What is a bond election?

  • 2. How can bond money be used?

  • 3. What are the needs outlined in this bond proposal?

  • 4. How did the Board of Trustees decide on this bond proposal?

  • 5. Why is Lake Travis ISD proposing to sell bonds at this time?

  • 6. How is Lake Travis ISD funded?

  • 7. Why are ‘maintenance and operation’ funds not being used to pay for bond projects?

  • 8. Do bond funds impact the District’s maintenance and operations budget?

  • 9. How will the bond issue impact the debt service tax rate?

  • 10. What is a 20% Optional Homestead Exemption?

  • 11. What is a 65-and-Over Homestead Exemption?

  • 12. Is Reimer’s Road part of the 2017 bond package?

  • 13. Why does the District need a new elementary school?

  • 14. Where will Elementary School #8 be located? How was the location selected?

  • 15. When was the last bond election, and how was the money spent?

  • 16. How will the bond debt be paid down?

  • 17. How will the bond election affect my school tax rate/tax bill?

  • 18. What does the state do with funds that are recaptured (through Robin Hood)?


  • 1. How are extracurricular programs structured when a new high school opens?

  • 2. If Proposition C does not pass, will High School #2 be put on hold?

  • 3. What is the reason for not making High School #2 a magnet school?

  • 4. Is the amount contained in the bond for Lake Travis High School Stadium Upgrades applicable to both high schools?

  • 5. How will we staff the new facilities?

  • 6. Will the current high school be renovated during the planning and construction of High School #2?

  • 7. Will High School #2 have the same programs and opportunities for students as Lake Travis High School?

  • 8. If the bond election is successful, when will the new campuses open and how will it be determined who goes to High School #2?

  • 9. Why is there not an elementary school located in the Sweetwater neighborhood?

  • 10. Where will the new schools be located?

  • 11. Does the district have additional vocational programs planned and included in the bond election?

Tax Impact

  • 1. Will the tax rate decrease if the bond does not pass?

  • 2. Will the bonds be sold all at once?

  • 3. Will the increase in interest rates affect the bond?

  • 4. Is the District encouraging the Legislature to change the recapture laws?

  • 5. How can approval of the bond result in no change to the District’s current tax rate?

  • 6. Will the District’s tax rate increase as housing values decrease?

  • 7. Is there an accountability report showing the District is efficient with resources and spending wisely?

Ballot Language

  • 1. What does the statement “This is a property tax increase” mean knowing that the tax rate will not increase?

  • 2. How does the district plan to communicate the required ballot language to the community?

  • 3. Ballot language can be confusing. What choices do voters have when voting for each proposition?

  • 4. Does the “This is a property tax increase” language apply to all public taxing entities issuing new debt like the City of Bee Cave, City of Lakeway and Special Emergency and Utility Districts even if the tax rate is lower than the prior year?


  • 1. What will the District do if the bond propositions fail?

  • 2. Why is technology included in the bond and not in the operating budget?

  • 3. Will the District have enough buses and staff available for the new campuses?

  • 4. Is the District working on adding an officer to every campus?

  • 5. There is money in the bond for buses; why do we have this item if the District has plenty of buses?

  • 6. Has all of the 2017 bond funds been spent and all the projects completed? Is the district working with developers when they build new neighborhoods to locate a school site?

  • 7. Does the district work with the city, county and state on traffic congestion?

  • 8. What does Build-Out mean?

  • 9. What would the District do if one proposition passes and another one does not?

  • 10. Can we facilitate a requirement for developers to offer a tract for the District to purchase so a school can be built?

  • 11. Is workforce housing included in the bond package?

  • 12. As a PTA/PTO, are we allowed to advocate a position on the bond?

  • 13. Does the district have any impact studies on the effect on a community that does not have a bond pass?

  • 14. What will the current maintenance building space at the LTHS campus be used for?

  • 15. What can we do to get this information out to the community?

  • 16. What does the Facilities Condition Assessment cover?

  • 17. What is included in the bond to get traffic off of busy roadways during drop off and pick up times at elementary campuses?

  • 18. Is there an implementation calendar for the rollout of bond projects available?