A4L Intervention Process

  • A4L Intervention Process

    Reading and mathematics are fundamental skills that provide a foundation for lifetime success. Thus, Lake Travis ISD is committed to improving the achievement of all students, K-12, through the development of an A4L Intervention Process.
    Although teaching students reading and mathematics is a complex process, Lake Travis ISD's A4L Intervention Process recognizes that most students will be successful. Both research and the LTISD A4L Intervention Process acknowledge that teaching students requires a knowledgeable, skilled teacher who uses a systematic and explicit approach to instruction. The A4L Intervention Process also emphasizes the importance of local school principals as academic leaders, the use of data to guide instruction, appropriate intervention and practice, parent involvement, and other research-based practices. The A4L Intervention Process provides support for literacy across all content areas creating successful achievement for students.

    Lake Travis ISD's A4L Intervention Process provides educators with a process for delivering quality, research-based instruction using the District's On-Line Curriculum plus other intervention resources. The model provides a foundation for reducing the prevalence of struggling students by creating a seamless K-12 instructional system aligned with federal and state legislative requirements. Lake Travis ISD's A4L Intervention Process includes a data collection system which helps teachers make decisions concerning a student's responsiveness to interventions.

    A4L Intervention Team:

    Classroom Teacher
    A4L Coordinator- Courtney Trimmer
    Licensed Specialist in School Psychology- Aimee French 
    Reading Specialist- Diane Tilley

    Other specialists as needed- Speech/Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Nurse, English Language Learner Teacher