Library Services

  • LTISD Librarians

    At Lake Travis ISD, we understand the importance of effective learning resources for students and staff. Our highly-qualified librarians are dedicated professionals who collaborate with teachers to integrate information literacy and skills application into the curriculum.

    We provide appropriate resources and equipment for classroom instruction and individual use, with curated collections that focus on accessibility, optimal service, and efficient maintenance. Our goal is to provide a supportive and pleasant environment for students and faculty to work and learn.

    Our librarians facilitate efficient maintenance of Library AV equipment and maintain an up-to-date catalog of materials. They utilize sound business procedures to administer budget allocations and coordinate the selection/evaluation of Library resources and equipment.

    We offer consulting services and individual/group instruction to help students develop practical problem-solving skills, and we maintain current awareness of state, regional, and national standards for Library services and programs.

    We organize in-service for faculty to help improve their use of Library resources and facilities, and we keep them updated with the latest trends and advancements. Our librarians also maintain positive public relations, creating an open and inviting atmosphere within the library, and they are active members of professional and educational associations.

    At Lake Travis ISD, we are committed to enhancing and implementing effective learning resources, media, and technology for students and staff. Our Library program exists to integrate formal, school-based learning with independent, life-long learning by defining subject-matter knowledge and information literacy skills.