Our Mission

  • Our mission is to support students in becoming skillful consumers and producers of information as well as to promote reading and literature appreciation among students and faculty.

    We continually monitor and assess our library media programs to ensure that we meet District, state, and national standards, and we are always looking for ways to improve. 

    We aim to provide an outstanding educational experience for all students and staff. To achieve this, we carefully select resources that support the generaladult reading to kids educational goals of District, state, and national standards, as well as the goals and objectives of individual schools and specific courses. 

    We will work to curate resources appropriate for the subject area, age, ability level, learning styles, and social and emotional development of students and staff.

    We believe it is essential to help our students and staff gain an awareness of our pluralistic society and to provide information that will motivate them to examine their attitudes and behavior, understand their duties, responsibilities, rights, and privileges as citizens participating in our society, and make informed choices in their daily lives.

    Our resources seek to complement the instructional program, be appropriate for student and staff reading levels and understanding, reflect their interests and needs, and present information with the most significant degree of accuracy and clarity.

    Our libraries are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for all students and staff. Visit us and discover how we can help you achieve your educational goals!