How to Work with your Child's Teacher

  • We all know that students learn best when parents and teachers work as a team. You know your child best and we are trained to help your children learn. When we all work together, your child will be successful.

    Here are some helpful suggestions when working with your child's teacher(s):

    • Get to know your child's teacher. Make an appointment to visit with her or the team. Let us know important information that will help us understand your child. If there are changes in your family such as a move, divorce or a new baby - let us know. Your child may be affected by these changes.

    • Make sure you understand how your child's class works and what is expected for projects and for homework.

    • Make sure your child get's a good night's sleep, a good breakfast and gets to school on time. (We offer nutritious breakfasts here at school each day.) We also encourage good attendance so that your child won't fall behind.

    • Join our PTO and volunteer here at school. We love having you here.

    • Make sure your child has a regular place and time at home to work on projects and homework. Look at your child's Homework folder to discuss daily work and test grades with them. Stay connected to our school and our teachers.

    • Encourage your child with positive statements about school and education. Emphasize with your child that school is their job. Play time, friends, after school activities, TV and the computer are important but their responsibility is their school work.

    • Finally, emphasize Reading. Be a Role Model for Reading - Reading for Pleasure - Reading for Information - Show them that there are many kinds of reading materials and opportunities for reading that are important. Students who develop a love of reading will continue to do well and succeed all through their school years and on through college.